Webinars are now available on the website

Dear Publisher,

Eudicom is a pan European project supported by the European Commission to strengthen the digital distribution of comics (www.eudicom.eu).

E-Comics digital sales remain very low in most European countries despite the growing use of digital platforms to access entertainment…meaning that room for growth is very high and should be supported!

The main objective of the project is to support European comics publishers to move into digital distribution or optimize their digital strategy and sales.

The project consortium is led by izneo (www.izneo.com) which is the leading European streaming platform for comics (inc Manga, graphic novels, BD…) and supported by local publishers’ representatives in different European countries.

We have created a series of webinars developed for the comics publishers’ needs where you will be able to learn from experts about digital sales strategy for comics.

These webinars are now all available on the website. You can watch them directly on the webinar tab.

We hope you will find these videos insightful! You can also check our website (eudicom.eu) and our LinkedIn Group for further information.

All the best

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