MOOC & Webinar

Discover our MOOC developed for the comics publishers’ needs where you will be able to learn from experts about digital sales strategy for comics.

Module 1: Key points for preparing the launch of a digital comic portfolio


Web vs. Digital: The Different Forms of Online Comics – Ooligan Press (

Everything You Need to Know About Digital Comics | PCMag

From Ink to iPads: The Evolution of the Modern Comic Book | PCMag

The transition to digital comics – Thot Cursus

Module 2: What’s the technology behind a digital comic portfolio?


EPUBSecrets – The Best EPUB Resource on the Web

What is an EPUB file? (

EPUB File (What It Is and How to Open One) (

ISO – ISO/IEC TS 30135-1:2014 – Information technology — Digital publishing — EPUB3 — Part 1: EPUB3 Overview

creating_onix_metadata.pdf (

Module 3: Distribution of digital comics


Digital Platform Strategy: 5 Questions Your Company Must Ask Now (

Digital Platform definition (

Digital platforms: what are they and how do they work? (

2021_Digital-Consumer-Book-Barometer_final.pdf (

Module 4: Digital comics’ pricing


Purchase vs subscription models – Economics Help

Making “Freemium” Work (

8 Pricing Strategies for Your Digital Product (

Inside the Economics of Digital Comics with Todd Allen (

Subscription vs. single price, which payment model works best – Real Business

Module 5: Webtoon, a native digital comic format


Digital Comics: The New Internet Revolution? | New University | UC Irvine

South Korea’s Webtooniverse and the Digital Comic Revolution

What is Webtoon?. With the emergence of smartphones… | by Ji Hyeon Yun | MR Comics | Medium

What in the world are webtoons are why are they a trend to watch? (

‘Snack culture’ (

An Introduction to Korean Webtoons – Kworld Now

Module 6: Marketing and promotion of digital comics


What is Viral Marketing? Definition of Viral Marketing, Viral Marketing Meaning – The Economic Times (

What is CRM (customer relationship management)? (

Social Media Manager vs. Community Manager | Sprout Social

On TikTok a teenage creator can singlehandedly determine the success of a title. What’s the future of books? | Aldus – European bookfairs network (

The rise of BookTok: meet the teen influencers pushing books up the charts | Books | The Guardian

What are Push Notifications? A Complete Guide [Up-to-date] (

SEO Basics: A Beginner’s Guide to SEO | WordStream

SEA or Search Engine Advertising explained – Dazzle

SEM 101: The Basics of Search Engine Marketing [Guide] – WebFX

Module 7: Legal aspects to be considered when lauching a digital comic catalog


Royalties: What Are They? (

What do publishers do?

What is an ebook? (

Rights to distribute ebooks – Digital Publishing 101

Module 8: DRM and piracy


Scanlation Speaks: Do Scans Hurt the Industry? We find out with Translator Beverly Maynor – Manga Planet Blog

digital rights management (DRM) | Definition & Examples | Britannica

Readium LCP Specifications | Readium LCP – ebook DRM

Encryption Definition (

Rise of comic book piracy ‘a real problem’ – BBC News