Eudicom Project

The Eudicom  program is made to support publishers of comics in Europe in getting ready for distributing digital comics. The consortium partners, led by IZNEO, the leading European digital comics platform, will research and exchange their experience to offer an efficient capacity building programme primarily to publishers in Poland, Spain and Italy and promote the benefits to the other EU countries via the Federation of European Publishers.

The project will make sure that comics publishers of European countries are on the same page regarding technology formatsdistribution models and marketing opportunities in order to reach new audiences and make the most of revenues on the growing digital platforms in Europe and worldwide.

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Main Outcomes


Understand the state of the art of Comics Publishers in Europe and their needs towards the digitalisation 


Offer a Capacity building programme to European comics publishers so that they can be ready to enjoy the benefits of digital distribution


Beta-test their offer and catalogue on Izneo digital platform to implement learnings from the capacity building programme

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