Eudicom Webinar at Angoulême Session

On 29 January 2021, the European Distribution of E-comics Conference was held at the Angoulême Rights Market.

Representatives of the EUDICOM consortium and the European Commission introduced the EUDICOM project, dedicated to the distribution of e-comics in Europe.

The conference highlighted the activities of the EUDICOM project for the next 18 months with a pan European study on the status of e-comics distribution in Europe.

If you missed this conference, you can now watch it in streaming on this page. Each of the videos presents the different topics discussed during the webinar. You can also find the presentation used during this webinar right here.

Introduction of the session:

Opportunities for the Book Sector:

Project vision, objectives and activities:

Why a project on distribution of E-comics:

Preliminary results from quantitative and qualitative questionnaires:

Focus on the Italian Market:

Focus on the Polish Market:

Focus on the Spanish Market:

Other countries:

Questions and Comments:

Thank you for your support and for watching these videos.

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