Romanian comics

As part of Eudicom activities towards internationalization and networking in the comics sectors, the Federation of European Publishers decided to meet with comics professionals and experts all over Europe to get an insight into their needs and interests. With this column we will present to you some of the most interesting profiles of comics experts,Continue reading “Romanian comics”

Eudicom invites you to its first Webinar – 22nd of September 2021 (2-3.30 pm)

In order to support European comics publishers to move into digital distribution and otpimize their digital strategy and sales, we have developed a series of webinar. Those webinars are developed for the comics publishers’ needs, where they are able to learn and discuss with experts about digital sales strategy for comics. Eudicom is very happyContinue reading “Eudicom invites you to its first Webinar – 22nd of September 2021 (2-3.30 pm)”

Eudicom Preliminary Results

The research objectives are: Collecting information on the comic book market in Europe Assessing the degree of digitalization of the European comic book market Gathering input for the development of training tools Following the methodology: Quantitative questionnaire (partners in focus countries France, Italy, Poland, Spain, and all FEP members) Qualitative questionnaire (interviews with publishers and stakeholders)Continue reading “Eudicom Preliminary Results”

ANGOULEME RIGHTS MARKET CONFERENCE : Study on status of European Distribution of E-comics

In partnership with EUDICOM, the Angoulême International Rights Market welcomes a round table. Representatives from the EUDICOM consortium as well as the EU Commission will present the EUDICOM project activities for the next 18 months